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Privacy Policy

Outside Organizations

In order to provide an excellent and enjoyable shopping experience, Chinese tea culture does partner with other companies:

Chinese Tea Culture, partnered with MaWebcenters, are determined to provide better understanding of our visitors preferences and shopping experience. This information is very relevant to improve our website, to personalize the website and to provide other marketing information in response to customers' problems and inquiries. This is also very beneficial to keep a great and open communication system with our valued customers now and in the future.

We also have arranged a partnership with United States Postal Services (USPS) and United Parcel Services (UPS) to manage customer product shipping. You are also subject to UPS terms of use and privacy policies Accordingly, you should review those policies prior to submitting any orders.

Services rendered to Chinese Tea Culture, LLC such as language translation, video, recorded voice analysis, document evaluation  and/or document revisions for the purposes of website illustration, broadcast, or distribution in any manner by our customers are received with no value or further compensation.

This privacy policy was last updated October 2010.


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