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How much will 1oz. of tea make?

All teas require specific measurements which are often different from each other and may have different directions as well for the number of cups recommended to drink daily. Therefore 1 ounce of tea will last differently and make a certain amount of tea depending on what type of tea it is. Our selection ranges anywhere from 8 cups per 1 oz. of tea, to over 100 cups per 1 oz. of tea. Most of the White, Green, and Black teas can brew approximately thirty - forty 8oz. cups. Most of the Fruit teas make approximately eight 8 oz cups. The Flower teas range from thirty cups, to over a hundred cups of tea per ounce. All the tea servings are listed next to the title of the tea, as well as in the Product Description. Please check the website for the tea servings per cup.




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