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How Do I make Loose Tea?

Each brewer works a little differently. However, the main thing you need is a filter. The filter needs to be submerged, allowing the tea leaves to sit in the boiling water. First, you place the loose tea leaves into the filter. Next, you pour boiling water over it. The water will go over the tea, through the filter. Then, you let it steep however long the tea indicates; each tea has different steeping instructions. Most teacups and teapots require you to remove the filter after the tea is done steeping. After the filter is removed, the tea is ready to drink. Another convenient way to brew loose leaf tea is to use our Thumbs-Up Brewer. When using this brewer, you do not need to remove the filter, simply put your tea leaves in, pour in your boiling water, and use your thumb to strain the tea into your cup.

Note: Each tea has different brewing instructions. See the ‘Product Description’ for specific measurements and steeping time for the tea you are interested in.



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