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Can Pregnant Women and Children Drink Tea?

Pregnant women and children can drink tea but not all teas, as some are stronger than others. If the tea is too strong, the excess of caffeine can cause women to have tachycardia, bringing too much stimulation to the fetus. The same is true of the effects on children. Thus, the general idea of pregnant women and children drinking some weak or caffeine-free tea is fine. This can also add some vitamins, potassium, zinc, and other minerals or nutrients to your diet. The moderate consumption of tea in children can enhance gastrointestinal motility to help digestion and give moisture to the intestines to protect children from the dry stool. Due to the high fluoride content of the tea, tea can be gargled to help prevent tooth decay. For hyper-active young children who have difficulty concentrating, tea can also be used to regulate the nervous system depending on the amount of tea consumed. Tea is also great as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for children.































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