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What Kind of Tea Is More Beneficial to Human Health

For nutrition and medicinal factors, it's recommended to drink fine quality tea, like high-quality green tea and high-quality black tea. From the perspective of nutrition and health, green tea, and delicate high-quality tea is more conducive to human health. Because everyone’s living habits, physical condition, occupation, and area of ​​residence are different, their favorite tea varies from one taste to another depending on what they choose. Those who feel tired or weak, who drink black tea, might add some sugar to the tea to increase energy, but also use it to supplement their diets. For the strong growth of young people, it is more nutritious to drink green tea as well. For women with an irritable temperament due to menstruation or menopause, drinking flower herbal tea can help protect the liver, regulate menstruation, reduce Body fat, and aid in weight loss. People who regularly eat meat, in order to enhance digestion of fat, can drink some fermented tea or brick tea. Some who are exposed to toxic substances choose to drink green tea as a safety precautions. For those who are doctors, soldiers, pilots, athletes, singers, announcers, actors, etc., in order to improve the agility of mind, energy, and enhance thinking skills such as judgment and memory, can drink all kinds of green teas.































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