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Can Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

Body fat is mainly stored in the liver and in adipose tissue under the skin. Tea contains caffeine, flavanols, vitamins, and other compounds that can promote fat oxidation, the removal of excess body fat. Therefore, drinking more tea will help you lose weight. According to practical research, drinking "Tuo Tea" and "Brick Tea" can help lower high lipid levels. According to the data in a number of foreign medical research studies, China Yunnan Tuo tea is very helpful for dieting, fitness, and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Clinical trials in forty-fifty-year-old men show that regular consumption of Tuo Tea has a clear effect on weight loss. Other age groups showed different degrees of effectiveness, but 70% of people showed significantly reduced triglycerides. Drinking Oolong tea regularly also plays a significant role in breaking down fat, aiding digestion, working as a diuretic, helping weight loss, and supporting fitness. Since 1979 Oolong tea has been very popular with women around the world, especially with women trying to lose weight. They speak very highly of Oolong tea, calling it the "slim tea" and say it has a reputation of “beauty, health, and magic". Those in Northwest China say "better three days without food, not a day without tea". They eat beef, mutton, and high-fat foods with cheese, but their regular consumption of tea keeps them thin!































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