Since 2007, Chinese Tea Culture LLC strives to promote a new path toward health and wellness by introducing therapeutic herbal tea that may improve the lives of its drinkers with a happier, healthier lifestyle and sense of wellbeing. Our tea may help relieve certain ailments and provide health benefits from A-Z depending on the chosen tea (or teas) and the consistency of consumption. As health, wellness, and clarity of mind are attained; normal routine actions of the body become simpler and the spirit becomes stronger.
         Chinese Tea Culture drinkers can enjoy a lifetime of benefits when imbibed on a daily basis. There is no limit to the amount of tea one can consume and therefore the intrinsic value of each tea can play a role in helping to cross new thresholds on the lifelong journey of healthier living.
         Chinese Tea Culture LLC provides the highest quality products to its customers by painstakingly creating authentic herbal combinations so that all the medicinal effects remain intact. All teas are either organic or completely natural and the individual quality of each tea is abundant in both flavor and health benefits. Our tea is derived from plants and flowers that grow in the high and vast rolling hills and mountains of China. These timeless plants and flowers are grown and nurtured without pesticides and freshness is maintained without the use of preservatives; thus preserving the 5000-year-old tradition of cultivating and drinking tea.
         Chinese Tea Culture company standards adhere to academic discipline and intense passion. We wish for everyone to have a happier and healthier life by providing authentic medicinal tea of the best possible quality to the world. Chinese Tea Culture philosophy is simple, "Devotion is Prosperous."


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