8 oz. + 5%OFF,  1 LB ( = 16oz. ) + 10%OFF,   

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           Welcome To
    Chinese Tea Culture!
        Chinese culture has spread
  throughout the world and integrated
  its way into the lives of people from
  all walks of life. Since 2007, Chinese
  Tea Culture LLC supports this
  growing trend and strives to promote
  a new path toward health and    
  wellness. The goal of Chinese Tea  
  Culture LLC is to introduce
  therapeutic herbal tea that may  
  improve the lives of its drinkers with
  a happier, healthier lifestyle and
  sense of wellbeing.

         Our tea is imported from China  
    with the exception of American  
    Ginseng in Wisconsin. Chinese Tea 
    Culture LLC provides the highest  
    quality products to its customers
    by painstakingly creating authentic
    herbal combinations so that all the  
    medicinal effects remain intact. All 
    teas are either organic or
    completely natural and the
    individual quality of each tea is
    abundant in both flavor
    and health benefits.

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